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Welcome to Hull and the Technical Lodge No. 5666

Want to join Hull Freemasony in the Hull or Beverley area but don't know how?
Want to be part of a unique worldwide charitable organisation?

Why not consider joining us at the Technical Lodge Hull ?
Browse the pages on this site to find out more about Hull Freemasonry and if you're still interested, lets have an informal chat. It's that easy.

Or, you can email us at for more information.

Who are we ?


The Technical Lodge , Hull was established in 1937 and has held its regular meetings in The Central Masonic Hall , Park Street,Hull until recently when it moved to The Masonic Hall, Beverley Road, Hull. It was originally created as a Hull Freemasons Lodge for the lecturers and tutors who worked at the nearby ‘Hull College of Technology’- hence the name.


We seek to instill in members a moral and ethical approach to life; To reinforce thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things. Members are urged to regard the interests of the family as paramount but, importantly, Freemasonry also teaches and practices concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need.

What do we do ?

We enjoy twelve assemblies per year, meeting on the third Saturday of every month at Beverley Road, Hull. Each meeting (except Installation) convenes at 6:30 pm and after  a memorable meal, some toasts and some singing ,  we normally finish by approximately 10:15pm; although the bar will stay open later than this as required. We are a healthy and happy Hull Lodge with in excess of fifty members, most of whom attend regularly.The age spectrum of the Brethren is wide ranging from early thirties to the nineties!

We organise many social functions throughout the year in order to raise funds for local Hull charities ,  but just as importantly to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time with wives and partners playing an active and positive role in the lodge. They have their own committee and agenda and regularly organise popular social functions which have raised many thousands of pounds for local and national charities.

How to become a Freemason.

One of our more astute and perceptive Brethren once described our lodge nights as being the same as: 'putting on his favourite pair of slippers'

This comment serves to describe the warm and friendly atmosphere found in the Lodge. Very rarely can you find a place of peace where you respect and are fond of everyone and your respect and fondness is returned. So with this in mind, you will excuse us, if we are a little circumspect about whom we invite to join us.

Freemasonry is open to any male over the age of 21 years and before anyone is accepted, we will want to be sure that he - and his family - understand what is involved in joining and that the candidate's character, background and motives are worthy. Before any man can be admitted to Freemasonry two members of the Lodge must vouch for his character, after which he will be informally interviewed by some members of the Lodge.This is not as intimidating as it sounds, but it is necessary to ensure, that our Lodge continues to be a place of love, harmony and peace.
If you have a charitable heart and you are square and upright in all your dealings with others, and feel that you would enjoy Freemasonry, then please email the secretary who will be more than pleased to make contact with you either by telephone or over coffee somewhere convenient.


What does it cost to be a Freemason?

When you join our Lodge, you will be asked for certain fees that are used for registration and administration purposes. These fees are not excessive and the only other cost is for your meal after the Lodge meeting which currently is £10.
Freemasons are encouraged to donate money to charity, dependent upon their means. You will never be pressurised as giving to charity is a matter for your own conscience.
From time to time, many Lodges have a special evening, or daytime event, specifically to raise money for charity. You will never be pressurised into attending them or to donate money at these events if you are unable to, or prefer not to. However, it is hoped that you will participate in the Lodge's efforts to raise money for the various charities we choose to adopt.
Most Lodges will have a 'dress code' which requests that members wear a dark lounge suit, shirt with a white collar, a black tie and black shoes. In time, certain items of regalia will be required, which initially will not be expensive, and often, there is the opportunity to buy used regalia at very little cost.


From its earliest days, Freemasonry has been concerned with the care of orphans, the sick and the aged.
Our Lodge like many others actively seek out local charities that may not attract funding in the normal way but are just as worthy and sometimes a small donation in the hundreds of pounds is as important to them as some of the larger donations made to national charities.
If you want to know more about the charities supported by Freemasons nationally visit the charity pages on the UGLE website.

Suggested Steps

If you have any questions not answered by this page, please feel free to contact the Secretary, by email ensuring to include a contact telephone number, or if you have a family friend or colleague who is a mason talk to them and they will be able to explain what they can about the fraternity and help you find a suitable Lodge.  We would certainly welcome your interest in our Lodge.
More information about masonry can be found at the United Grand Lodge of England website or on our Provincial website.
We look forward to meeting with you in the future.

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